I am Spirit. I became aware of the shifts within me in the Autumn of 2015. Before then, my reliance on Nature within me had diminished to a faint memory of my youth. I am returning to myself.

I am a Scorpio. I know and see things that many people do not. Scorpions, if they are awake, can see and understand things that are not easily seen nor understood. Because of Scorpios’ natural, water-born tuning, it is possible for us to feel the emotions of others, beyond empathy. Often, we can discern the thoughts and intentions of others, and then use that gathered information to see what may lie ahead.

I am awake. If I had to choose one word to describe me, it would be “aware.” A stirring began in the summer of 2015. Before that time, I believed I was complete and happy. I thought I was in the right spot, and nothing needed to change. I did not need more or less than I had in any area of my life. There was no warning to the change that began that summer. I am now much more aware of my feelings, my relationships, my spirituality, and my physical and mental conditions. I have also discovered many beliefs that I once held are no longer relevant to my life, and I have gained other understandings. Objects and persons that were once dull and old to me are now full and new. Items feel differently in my hands — music and creativity flow from me. I look at people and see them as part of me, as part of us. I feel the oneness of life.

I journal some of my dreams, visions, events, and other creative elements in my life with this blog. If you’d like to follow me, consider subscribing to posts updates.